Friday, October 31, 2008

October 31


October 30

The weather went from snow flurries on Monday to beautiful and in the 60s today. I wanted to get a picture of these beautiful trees that I drive by on my way to work each day before their leaves were gone.

Monday, October 27, 2008

October 27

This picture is for the sweet, three year old boy in Lisa's class (the Early Childhood classroom next to mine) that passed away this weekend. Hope you are pain free and there's lots of Spongebob where you are, Buddy! We are all missing you!

October 26

We finally headed out to the pumpkin farm today. Those two pumpkins we picked out weighed a combined 115 pounds! They're awesome! As always, Alex was being uncooperative for pictures. He was PO'd that he didn't get to pick a pumpkin - he thought that each kid should get one. I explained to him that Caty and Billy didn't pick one, either, but he wasn't hearing it. Anyway, Bill is teasing him in this picture, trying to get him to smile.

You'll notice that we are all in our jackets. It was a cold, blustery day as evidenced by Caty's hair blowing around. The temps were only in the 50s and we had recorded gusts over 45 mph. At one point, a precipitation front moved in at we had a very brief snowshower. UGH! In October!?!?

Loaded up and ready to go. We brought the dog along just for the ride in the car. You can get a pretty good idea of how big the pumpkins are when you see them next to the (standing up) dog.

October 20

Pink Urlacher jersey + Girlpower = GIRLacher!! LOL! Caty has never voluntarily worn this shirt. It bought a tear to my eye when she came downstairs dressed like this this morning. That's my girl! (and I know the picture sucks - it's still dark out in the morning so there is no natural light and I have to use a flash to offset the yellow cast the overhead lights put on my pictures).

October 19

Oh my goodness.....she told me that she didn't LIKE boys! That's "Z.P." for what it's worth. I finally got out of her who it is. *sigh*

October 18

I looked over and this is how Samson was sitting on the hearth - with his bone in his mouth and a goofy, drunk look on his face. Goofball dog...

October 15

This is the same tree that I shot the week before. Amazing that it could be leafless in such a short amount of time.

October 13

I love this time of year if for no other reason than my grocery store starts carrying Count Chocula again. *sigh* It's the little things...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 12

One of the mums from the flowerbeds in front of my house. Not an easy picture to take - my bushes are crawling with all sorts of bugs - black ones, green ones, flying ones, crawly ones (if you look close you may be able to tell where I took the bugs out of this picture. God I love Photoshop!). It's so gross. None of the plants look very good right now. I don't know why, but our area has been invaded by insects this last week. Aside from the ladybugs and bees that are typical for this time of year, at yesterday's football game there were these teeny tiny flying black bugs that BITE when they land on you. They are everywhere. *shudder*

October 11

Today was Alex's final football game of the season. It was do or die to make the playoffs and they didn't make it. Here he is being introduced before the game. He was really bummed out afterward. He didn't get as much playing time today, either, as he has in the last few weeks. It was a tough loss.

October 10

My faithful companion - always at my side and jumping at any chance for attention. This picture reminds me of those "The Dog" pictures.

October 9

ACK! Along with the nice weather we are also experiencing the annual Fall Attack of the Ladybugs. They are all over my backdoor, trying to get into the house to hibernate. UGH! They are the ones that stink when you smash them, too. Nasty little things. If you click on the image you can see them crawling along the top of the doors.

October 8

What a beautiful Fall day! Bright skies, warm temps, and the trees are starting to turn. The trees on our block are all yellow now - the look so pretty.

October 7

As Caty was doing her homework (in her princess costume) Milo jumped up onto the table and plopped himself right on top of her paper. He then proceeded to rub on her face - demanding affection from her. In this picture he was going in for a kitty kiss.

October 5

Bwaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaa!! It's really hard to be a Chicago White Sox fan sometimes. This isn't one of those times - LOL! The city of Chicago lives and dies by the stupid Cubs - I don't get it. They had a freaking rally because the Cubs made the PLAYOFFS - that's how desperate the city is for the Cubs to do something. All that for naught. Looks like it will have to be 101 years for a World Series, now.

Not that I have room to brag. The Sox lost in the first round, too. At least they won ONE game, though. And at least they weren't "The best team in the (American) Leage" or "The team to beat" like the Cubs were. The Sox got in by the skin of their teeth. Ah well - GO BEARS!!

October 1

These are the kinds of pictures I get if Billy gets a hold of my camera.

September 29

New clothes! Yesterday we went shopping and bought Alex and Caty some new fall clothes. Here is one of Caty's new shirts.

I don't like this picture. Not only does she look demonic, but I've been having to shoot with a flash in the house and I hate how it looks.

September 28

I'm going to try and fill in as best I can. I'm just really busy these days and taking pictures has taken a back seat.

This is a picture of Caty rockin' out on Rock Band in the morning. We spent this day running errands before having some friends over to watch the Bears game (Bears won!!).